The Electric Administrator (TEA) is a multifaceted software package that handles many of a school's administrative needs. The modules cover: Scheduling, Report Cards, Attendance, Detention, Permanent Record Cards, Progress Reports, Textbooks, Tuition Billing, Student Data, Alumni and After School Attendance and Billing. TEA can easily handle NYS Section 104.1 Comprehensive Attendance Regulations. In addition to the predefined letters, lists and reports, TEA sports its own word processor that facilitates the merging of TEA's data with documents of your own creation. Every attempt is made to avoid the need for "extras". There is also an attempt to make the package as user-friendly and user-proof as practical. It is a package written by an educator for educators, not computer experts. Jargon and technical language are kept to a minimum. The Electric Administrator is designed and priced to enable you to benefit from the type of computerized processes that are normally only available to much larger schools and budgets.


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